My headset is not connecting to my phone's Bluetooth.

Modified on Mon, 8 Jul at 4:35 PM

The Flow headset uses Bluetooth to connect to the Flow app. The most important thing to know is that you do not pair the headset through Bluetooth settings on your phone like you normally do with other Bluetooth devices, such as headphones or speakers. Instead, use the app to pair the headset with your phone. 

Please follow the instructions below to connect your headset to to your phone.

  1. Restart your phone to ensure a fresh start.
  2. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  3. Make sure you have granted the Flow app permission to use Bluetooth.
  4. Charge the battery for at least 1 hour. 
  5. For Android OS only: Ensure Location Services is turned on. This is needed to scan for the headset and is the most common reason pairing doesn't work on an Android phone.
  6. Open the Flow app and start a stimulation by tapping the dark-blue Start button in the top-right on the home screen (if it is greyed out, you may need to complete the Weekly Questionnaire first).
  7. Follow the in-app guide to connect the headset. On the third screen, it will ask you to turn on the headset. Press the button on the front of the headset to turn it on; the LED light should now blink.
  8. After turning on the headset, tap the green 'Connect' button in the app. The app should automatically find and pair the headset for you.

Reminder: You must pair the Flow headset through the app, not through your Bluetooth settings. 

If you have already tried the above and still have problems, please contact our support team at Please describe what steps you have taken and any other relevant details, such as screenshots of any error messages and details of the LED light pattern on the headset.

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